The North Face Denali Jacket is perhaps the most popular fleece jacket on the market. As a warm and comfortable winter jacket, it is perfect for the modern everyday life. The Denali’s iconic design also wins the hearts of students and active adults. If you want a TNF jacket, you cannot go wrong with a Denali.

Denali Jacket at a Glance

  • Temperature Rating: 30-40 degrees easy
  • Climate Compatibility: Wind-resistant, water-resistant
  • Designed for: Campus, everyday wear, can be zipped-into a shell for snow sports and extreme cold

The Best Deals on TNF Denali Jackets

The Denali Design

The design of the Denali jacket embodies many essential elements of The North Face jackets.

Fleece Material
The Polartec® 300 Series fleece is the coated polyester material that provides warmth,comfort, and water-resistance. In 2009, the company started to construct about 50% of this jacket out of recycled materials.

Nylon Covers
The front chest and upper shoulder areas are covered with abrasion resistant nylon. Because these places get hit by wind, light rain, and snow more than the rest of your body, they need the added protection from the nylon cover. This helps you keep warm during the walk between your office and your car.


The same nylon covers can also be found from the elbows to the end of the sleeves in the back arms. These covers protect the jacket against abrasion against your work surface so the Denali jacket stays polished for years to come.

Zippers and Hem Cinch Cord
The Denali features The North Face zip-in compatible zippers, which allow you to zip other TNF layers together. The zippers are sturdy and smooth, which is the quality you’d expect from TNF. The Denali is also features a standard hem cinch cord found on most TNF jackets. This cord allows you to tighten the jacket around your waist to keep the body heat in.

Temperature Range and Lifestyle

You can wear the Denali jacket comfortably in the 40°s. Depending on how much you wear underneath, the Denali may withstand colder temperatures (20°F) .

The Denali is a stylish jacket suited for everyday activities such as school, work, shopping, workout, and short hikes. But because the material is fleece and can only withstand light moisture and wind, its outdoor possbilities are limited. However, the Denali’s comfort and zip-in compatible feature makes it great as a middle layer.

A Women’s Denali – Color White



The Denali multifunctional design and elegant looks make it unmistakably a TNF jacket. For this reason, it remains popular among high school and college students (hint: gift ideas). Many active adults also choose the Denali for its simplicity and comfort. The Denali is probably not a good candidate for rolling in the snow. But for everything else, the Denali has it covered.

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